Thermoplastic Moulds and Moulding

Since 1988 PROVER Srl manufactures moulds for plastics and provides the moulding service of plastic articles. PROVER has always focused on the quality of the work thanks to the excellent Italian workmanship. Following this philosophy has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. The company has a qualified and constantly updated staff, and uses the latest machinery and the most advanced technologies to produce plastic parts (mono-material, twin-colored, bi-material and hollow articles).

The heart of Prover is the tooling department where moulds for plastic are built. The highest accuracy is guaranteed by cutting-edge computerized machine tools.

Prover provides the mass-production of moulded plastic details. The machine tool base is composed by Arburg presses, that allow to manage the production process with the latest technology.


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Application areas

Prover is active in many sectors of the market, we report the main

Moulding Technologies


Prover produces mono-material plastic items for each application requested by the customer, and ensures the functional, aesthetic and mechanical.


Prover produces artifacts bi-components with this particular injection technology, even with "soft touch". It can produce in multiple combinations and in a single piece, rigid (polymers) and soft materials (elastomeric) with an high cost saving.


Prover produces twin-colored artifacts in a single operation, reducing production costs and the multiple steps of the traditional process.

Nitrogen Gas Injection

Prover produces hollow plastic articles by reducing the time of moulding, ensuring the integrity of the mechanical specifications and eliminating shrinkage of thickness variations.

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